Cara Delevingne and his essential when it comes to makeup


To achieve a look natural, without pass unnoticed in the style of Cara Delevingne, it is possible if you have two essential cosmetics that allow you to exalt the beauty of your eyes and give you the chance to say it all just with the look! Do you want to know what are they?

British model revealed the conundrum by stating that: “I like to have a very good mascara for eyelashes. Really you can’t go wrong with that. I’ve always been a fan of the eyes of Twiggy. Or just get a good concealer. Is all you need. With just a little bit you manage to cover a lot,” he said to Vogue. So if you like the idea of not leaving the house without mascara and concealer… give You any tips to achieve a natural beauty look with these two products.

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With the mascara, you can get a look much more eye-catching

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The foolproof mascara

Definitely, with the mask of eyelashes you’ll be able to get a look much more eye-catching. However, you need to be clear what appearance you want to give to the eyelashes —long, curved, thick, sharp, or natural—to get the right product.

To do this, it will be vital that you take into account the type of tab that you have, as if you are short, it is best to avoid masks with effect of extra volumebecause it can make them look even smaller. For thin, the volume and the effect of lengthened is the most suitable; while for the medium sized, in addition to lengthen them, you can use a mask with applicator curved. If they are fragile and dry, it is best to decide for a product with moisturizing agents and reinforcing.

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The importance of the type of brush

Another trick is to fixate on the brushes of the product, as the thicker thicken the eyelashes, the fine the elongate and curved the crimped. In some cases, will have two parts: one that is populated to give volume to the upper lashes and the other with bristles shorter for the bottom and the roots. Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Falsies Big Eyes ($9.49), Eyeko Rock Out and Lash Out Mascara ($26) and Sephora Collection Outrageous Curl Dramatic Volume and Curve Mascara Waterproof ($28), they are options that you can try to highlight your lashes to the maximum.


Take into account the choice of brush depending on your type of lashes

Style Twiggy

And if you’re looking for is to recreate the style that both like to the celebbased on the famous model of the sixties –Twiggy–, that is characterized by highlight with thick layers of mascara, both top lashes and bottom Face tells you how to achieve it. “To achieve this effect, first of all there’s that work very well the roots and make sure that we bring an extra product on them. Little by little we will create groups of tabs that will achieve that effect 60s. To finish, you just need to make sure that the tips are well-placed and arranged in a fan and to do this it uses the tip of the mascara brush, if possible, cleaning away any excess product.”

A little bit of concealer will be the salvation

A good checker sets the tone in the makeup, as it has the function of giving the illusion of a skin smooth, uniform and free from imperfections, that is why there is a wide range of colors that you can select and even in different formats —bar or liquid, to achieve a better appearance. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer ($6.05), Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer ($24.50) and NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ($39.80), are some of the options present in the market.

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Apply concealer under the eyes without going to extremes

What is important in this case is to choose the right color —more like your natural skin, because if you do not agree with your complexion, defects such as dark circles, appreciate with greater intensity. Also if you apply more of the account, you’ll get an effect a little natural, further emphasizing the creases, pimples and spots. A tip is to use the ring finger to distribute the concealer, patting around the eye area. You can also use brushes, but remember that you have to avoid pressing too much the area, in order not to break veins and cups, and even create premature wrinkles.

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Cara Delevingne wears a deep look with only two essential

You know… concealer and mascara is the only thing that you need to emulate the look of natural with the Cara Delevingne you like to get out of the house. What list to put it into practice?