Cara Delevingne just give your cell number to send messages


Cara Delevingne is a girl who has become the crush for many and many and of course everything that has to do with the model will matter too much to her fans and she obviously knows that he has the attention of everyone, therefore now decided to do something crazy, in his words, and give your phone number because he wants everyone to send messages.

Due to the quarantine, many of the artists and influencers have chosen to move much closer to their fans and to have a more special, this time has been the case of Facewho informed by means of their social networks that I wanted to do something very crazy and it did, because he gave his cell phone number to his followers.

In the video, Face wrote: “Drop me message: +13104210894, couldn’t wait to talk with you”. This is all due to that it is prepared to support all those who feel bad, bored, or are going through a bad time during this quarantine. Immediately, the fans did not hesitate to write and has published in their social networks that effectively when you send her a message she herself will answer.

So if you’ve been a fan of Cara Delevingne, is your crush and your maximum, you can not miss the opportunity of send message because now you know that she is willing to talk to you if anything worries or anything more because you want to talk with her. Casual.