Caricature of Greta Thunberg being abused cause outrage


An oil company Canada it is wrapped up in scandal, after it appeared to be a caricature of the activist Greta Thunberg.

The drawing is of a teenage girl with pigtails, who is sexually assaulted. In the lower back of the cartoon appears the name “Greta” and below it is the logo of the company X-Site Energy Services, headquartered in Alberta.

Michelle Narang, councillor of the community of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, who is also a defender of energy companies in Canadashared the image and said that it is “all against what the energy industry should fight back.”

He added that apparently it is a decal divided by a worker of X-Site.

The activist Swedish 17 years of age responded to these attacks and said that their enemies are desperate.

Are starting to be more and more desperate. This shows that we are winning”, published Greta on his Twitter account.

Doug Sparrow, general manager of X-Site Energy, told the channel Global News that he was aware of the scandal, but that the company was not responsible for the creation of the image.

He stated that they do not developed the sticker or published on social networks, although he rejected to talk about the origin of the drawing.

With information of The Spanish and 20 Minutes.

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