Chris and Liam Hemsworth together in a new movie


Insurance those who already know of this next collaboration will be most excited for seeing Liam and Chris Hemsworth is something incomparable.

Both originally from Melbourne, are actors and models australian and good-looking but above all talented, have called the attention since it began to spread the news.

It is not something new of the two are the brothers of the time Hollywood their careers have proliferated quite a bit, and already expected a story like this in which they both decide to work together, it seems that this year will be what we will see in the big screen.

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It was by mediod of an interview for Men’s Health in which Liam expressed that he would like to work alongside his brother, without delving further into the subject left a ventaba open to be able to interpret that very soon we will see together because in addition to the all the younger brother admires very much Chris.

“I call him (Chris Hemsworth) all the time on dashes to get his opinion. ‘How do I do that? How should I do that?’ We are looking to make a movie this year together, which is like a big thing of action-comedy,” added Liam.

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Despite the fact that the current pandemic had a lot to do in the postponement of the project and if this interrupted the young actor of 30 years would not provide more detail so that we will have to wait a little longer to see them together.

Each one had the luck of being part of a franchise impressive Marvel and Hungry Games (The hunger games) Chris played the God Thor in the Marvel Universe, and Liam starred alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the trilogy.

“I really admire my brother Chris […] Has a work ethic stronger than most. It is very concentrated. I am grateful that I have it and I can use their resources and their knowledge,” added the younger brother of Chris.

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