Chris Hemsworth stars in “Rescue Mission” on Netflix


The actor Chris Hemsworth, known for his role as “Thor” in the Movie Universe of Marvel (UCM), stars in the new film from Netflix “Rescue mission”directed by Sam Hargrave under the script of Joe Russo.

“Rescue mission,” tells the story of Tayler Rake” a mercenary forged in the fire a thousand battles, so who knows no fear.

According to the synopsis of Netflix, “Tayler” will be assigned to a new mission where you have to rescue the son of an international criminal who is behind bars”

“Rescue mission” will arrive April 24 on Netflix. SPECIAL / Netflix.

Hemsworth, embodying the role of a mercenary, you will be surrounded by drug dealers and smugglers of weapons, will be launched to the danger “always on the edge of death.”

“Rescue mission” brings two characters participating in “Avengers: Endgame”, the film more box office history. It’s Chris and Joe Russo, the latter as co-director of the film. Anthony Russo is involved as a producer.

“Rescue mission” will arrive at Netflix the next 24 April.