Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are going to be parents

The actor Chris Pratt has confirmed that it expects its first child, next to his current wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger. The couple, who married last summer, is very happy to add a new member to the media family. Without a doubt, the successful actor and the writer are going through one of the best moments in professional and personal life.

The couple is about to celebrate its first anniversary, since his marriage (celebrated in the month of July in an intimate ceremony, which took place on a beautiful ranch in the state of California), although the family has already made the conclusion in advance.

The magazine “People” has published the news: the couple is expecting their first child together. A new member, that will be the delight of his older brother, Jack, the eldest son of the actor who is seven years old, born during his marriage with the also actress, Anna Faris.

Sources close to the marriage have been confirmed, both Chris as the own Katherine took time talking to raise the family. He was very clear when they began their relationship, the young woman had never felt so loved and with so much security, to the side of a person.

The actor was very clear that I wanted to expand the family next to the writer, from the beginning of their courtship

And the illusion to be able to start a family in common has not taken a long time to become a reality, and comes at an ideal time for both of you. The actor has managed to have one of the caches higher in the Hollywood industry, after getting some of the biggest blockbusters of the last few years, such as “Jurassic World” or “Guardians of the Galaxy”, what has made it one of the actors best regarded in the industry.

Katherinein the meantime, is succeeding with his new literary work “The Gift of Forgiveness”.

The young man admits that life has changed completely since he met the actor

The actor, 40 years of age; and the writer of 30 years, they seem to seal with this new news a year really unforgettable. Even, the daughter of the actor and ex-politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has recognized to some people in your circle that costs you believe that you can be so happy and like his life has completely changed since he met the actor.

Since the couple began their relationship during the summer of the year 2018, the actor wanted the young person to form part of the plans with your child Jackand from the first time they both clicked like a charm, and it was not strange to see the three doing family life.

The couple opted for carry out dating, as the eldest son of Chris it was quite common in the plans of both and became an important part of your relationship. Katherine it has always been like a big girl and loves to play and do activities with the child of their partner.

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