Chris Pratt does not dare with the challenge dance against Kevin Bacon


Chris Pratt does not dare with the challenge dance against Kevin Bacon

The veteran actor Kevin Bacon sent him a challenge of dancing to Chris Pratt Twitter, but for now he has rejected you.

One of the best jokes of Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) are references to Kevin Bacon and Footloose. Remember that Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) was abducted from Earth when he was a child in the 80’s. So his memories about his home planet are reduced to the experiences of their youth, that’s why you currently have a knowledge of pop culture so distorted.

When you are in the Space station called Sapiential, Star Lord tells a story Gamora, about a man who thanks to the dance failed to break the standards set in a village, it is the argument of Footloose and puts Kevin Bacon at the level of the greatest hero of the Galaxy. Even in Avengers: Infinity War becomes make fun a reference.

Recently Kevin Bacon challenged Chris Pratt with a tweet that put “Starlord, lets boogie?”. To which the actor replied: “For anyone who hasn’t seen Footloose, I think today is the perfect day to change that. In terms of a dance… Miss the dance with Kev, so I should recognize it. I took off my cap, sir. Also … strange to Chris Penn”.

The actor Chris Penn participated in the movie Footloose, and died 2006.

What is Footloose?

A young man named Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon)he moves from Chicago to a small town where dancing has been forbidden, due to which five young people died in a car accident after a dancing and drinking at a party. Ren will refuse to accept this ban and will encourage their classmates to reveal so that you can take place the prom.

Although it would be fun to see that challenge of dance, the actor Chris Pratt you have reason. Would have no chance. Because although Kevin Bacon is 61 years old is in full form.