“Discover that it was not healthy”: Demi Lovato has because it is not friends with his exes


California, USA.- Despite the fact that the life romntica of the singer, Demi Lovatohas had some ups and downs along the time, the artist continue because there is a friend of his ex-partners.

During an interview for the podcast I Weigh, Lovato revealed their negative experiences to try to be on good terms with your past love.

I alone have this mentality that, if you had a negative experience with someone, I always needed to repair it or always have to fix things,” said Demi

The fact is that today I am not really a friend of any of my exnovios because I had to realize that that was not healthy”.

The young man mentioned that, if you finish a relationship, it was for some reason, and who in his life has tried to get away from people toxic that would only have been affected in different ways.

Now that I have been able to let go of people, you know, that’s another thing that I had to learn when trying to remove the people txicas of your life. If you are the former, it is for a reason,” she went on.

With information: Just Jared