Disney would target the directors of the MCU for the live-action ‘Hercules’


What started as a simple rumor each day is gaining more and best way. The project, which Disney plans to now is far from being a project authentic, as well has worked that you do remakes of their classic animated and the next that would this change is based on the Greek mythology. The interesting thing is, where would that be at the head of the project, according to rumors would be looking for these directors of the MCU for the live-action ‘Hercules’.

Premiered in 1997, the film tells the story of the plan of Hades to be able to defeat Zeus and become the ruler of the gods, for this will have to remove it to his son, Hercules, as it is the only one who can ruin his plans. His minions Grief and Panic are in charge of the baby to whom you give a position to become mortal, but let him with life, and stays with the human. To grow their adoptive parents tell her who he really is and with the help of Pegasus and Phil can become a real hero and thus be able to ascend to Olympus.

The film was a resounding success, and as was expected, with current hits such as ‘Aladdin’ and ‘The Lion King’, a version with actors of truth is on the way. A lot of it has been mentioned that the singer and actress Ariana Grande could be interpreted to Megara, but there is still no official information.

But for that the actors are hired, you need a director, and these might be three very dear within Disney. On one hand we have Jon Favreau, who already has experience in this method, as he directed the live-action of ‘The Lion King’ and ‘The Jungle Book’ was also part of the MCU to direct the film that started it all ‘Iron-Man’ in 2008, as well as its two sequels and even formed part of the three movies of the Avengers as an executive producer. If nothing is the head of the successful series of Disney+ ‘The Mandalorian’.

But he is not the only one, we also have the brothers Anthony and Joseph Russo, who were the mind behind ‘Avengers: Endgame’, nothing less than the highest grossing movie of all time. As well as ‘Infinity War’ and ‘Civil War’, so that any of the three that accepts would be perfect for ‘Hercules’, what do you prefer?


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