Do you like older? Becky G no longer hides it Came to light something that no one expected!

As all the famous landmarks of great renown Becky G he used his account of Instagram to show as it takes its day-to-day while trying to overcome the problem of the quarantine and of step to keep the 24-million followers that he owns in the social network. Either with photos or videos suggestive the u.s. has not gone unnoticed.

But now were not his postings uploaded tone which drew the attention of the world, but a solidarity action that had the singer for the people who were affected by the situation of the Coronavirus. Becky made the huge contribution of nothing more and nothing less than twenty thousand dollars for the students of Los Angeles.

As expected, after introducing the situation in a video of your account this is filled with positive messages thanking lu.s. by the huge gesture and selfless he had just done. Phrases such as “Beautiful gesture”, “you’re the best”, “We are proud of you” were the highlights of the thousands that had the publication.