Embracing, Hailey Baldwin, and Jaden Smith starred campaign of clothing do you And Justin Bieber?

The model Hailey Baldwin surprised with photos of the launch of a famous brand of clothes, where she was also involved Jaden Smith, a friend of her and her husband Justin Bieber. But what about the singer where he was?

A well-known brand of jeans launched a new campaign clothing, with the model Hailey Baldwin and the actor and singer Jaden Smith as the focus of attention in the photos.

She, with a blouse and short white, and he with a jean grey and a white shirt emblazoned with flamingos, as well hung friends for the camera. itJustin Bieber he was not invited!

Jen Sey, vice president and director of marketing of the well-known brand, explained that they launched this collection to provide, in this context, hope and optimism to young people.

Hailey, wife of Bieber, also released some pictures, where both she and the son of the famous actor Will Smith, are very good friends and colleagues.

Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber became great friends, then sing together the successful ‘Never Say Never’ in 2011. Now, Hailey Baldwin was part of the group. What could become a love triangle?