Halle Berry speaks about how they are doing in class to their children at home during the quarantine


Halle Berry is passing the quarantine at home with their two children, Nahla, who is 12 years old and Maceo, of 6. In a video call to Entertainment Tonight the actress has confessed that he is not holding all that well what to give them class.

“It is a nightmare for me. A nightmare. This is a simulation of the semester. You really are not learning anything and it is difficult to. I have a son of 6 years, and what I learned is that when children of 6 years they see other children of 6 years doing things, then do them. Sit and eat, because there are 25 others who do. They stay at their desks and color because there are 25 other that is doing it,” explains the actress.

“At home there are 25 more kids doing things. Therefore, to focus on and realize that they are in college, it has really been a challenge“, ends by saying.

The actress of ‘John Wick 3’ has enjoyed however much of these days, along with their children: “we have taken advantage of the time when they are not with things of the college. When I’m not with the whip for classes, we have a lot of family time, bonding time that we don’t usually have, so it has a positive side”. So it seems that Chris Hemsworth is not the only!

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