Halsey explains why he does not presume his relationship with Evan Peters


A couple unexpected (but which we love) began the year 2020 more united than ever: Halsey and Evan Peters. Their love story stole our hearts thanks to which the singer pleaded ‘in love with’ him for years, and time after their ways, yes they were crossed and they started to leave (with this we find that always there is ALWAYS a possibility of being able to go out with your eternal crush). And, although many claimed that this romance would be fleeting, since Evan was coming out of a serious commitment to be with Emma Roberts — came out and ended up for 7 years! — and Halsey was in its stage of ‘dating’; so with only four months of relationship the two celebrities already live together! And many sources have revealed that their relationship is going from strength to strength: ‘both are strangers in the same way and all think that they are the perfect duo’.

But, although the relationship between the two goes amazing, why don’t we know a lot of this romance? In an interview,Halsey explained why he does not presume his relationship with Evan Peters and their reasons are 100% valid: ‘A friend of mine, another female artist who has been criticized for coming out with a lot of people, I said, ‘Ashley, you have to live your life and ignore what people say to you’.And now I keep everything for me in terms of my romantic relationships‘.