HBO puts on the mask to bring the young heroine of the DC Universe


This may 19, arrives at HBO Spain one of the productions most anticipated of the DC Universe: ‘Stargirl’.

Of the hand of DC Comics and HBO we reached the first series centred on the character of Stargirl. The series follows the story of Courtney, a teenager who moves from Los Angeles to Blue Valley, a small town in Nebraska, with his mother. Our protagonist will find something very special among the belongings of her new stepfather, Pat Dugan, that will inspire you to join a group of young people to fight next to her against the villains of the past.

Stargirlinspired by the comic Stars and S. T. R. I. P. E., will have features similar to Spider-Man’s Homecoming and Buffy Vampire Slayer, says the creator of the series and executive producer Geoff Johnswho is the creator of the character of Stargirl (in 1999).

The first appearance of Stargirl in a series of real action was in Smallvilleand later in the second season Legends of Tomorrowas a character guest.

And is that Geoff Johns already knows perfectly the world of superheroes and especially the DC Universe. Johns has been the creator of the first film Aquamanstarring Jason Momoa, and the series The Flashalso available on HBO and Arrowand many , many others.

Stargirl is starring Brec Bassinger (Chicken Girls), and account with Neil Jackson (Blade: The series), Luke Wilson (Enlightened), and Neil Hopkins (Lost), among many other actors.

Stargirl to be released on may 19 on HBO Spain.

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in April 2020.