I said the whole truth! Ricky Gervais lashed out against his colleagues… not to give so many laps!

So that looks like it has reached the point at which the quarantine returns to us a little bit intolerant, as for example Ricky Gervais, who was quite annoyed with the attitude of certain celebrities.

The creator and protagonist of “After Life” has recently given an interview in which he uncovered controversial statements.

We already know that most of us find ourselves confined in our homes, because of the global pandemic, it is for this reason that there are many celebrities who have decided to be really active on the internet.

However, the british he pointed out that some artists take advantage of how special this situation to show itself to the world as examples.

“I don’t have anything against someone to be a celebrity or be famous. I think people are a little tired of that give you the chair”, he added in his story.

In addition, the director of 58 years he criticized his colleagues for using every circumstance for each of them to feed your own ego. “Now the celebrities are thinking: The general public has to see my face. But that can’t go to the cinema, I have to do something”.

Faithful to his style, Ricky Gervais demonstrated once more their ability to be authentic and honest to the time to be honest with respect to what you think.