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Many of those who follow Kourtney Kardashian in Instagram they were “of one piece” when you see one of the last pictures that the celebrity shared. As indicated in the holder, this is featured wearing a small bikini.

As can be seen in the comments section, this piece amazed thousands by its tiny dimensions. Until now, the post of the member of the “Klan” builds up more than 7,000 responses.

“That little black bikini you fell in love with more than one. I’m completely sure of that, it is a fact” said one of those internet users.

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It should be noted that the publication holds more than a million likessomething that gives an account of the reception that it has had on the community that follows the former spouse of Scott Disick.


Kourtney Kardashian met 41 years on the 18th of April. The celebrations caused a stir in the social networks due to the participation of Kim Kardashianwith whom he had fought a media fight.

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If you want more details about it, here we leave it up to the note you did.


Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project is the new television project of Kim Kardashian



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