It reconciliation! Kylie Jenner melts of love for Travis Scott and on his birthday, congratulates you: “I love You forever”


After a separation which according to rumors was due to an infidelity Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner no more doubt and it is declared totally in love with the father of her small daughter Stormi.

On the occasion of the birthday of the rapper, the millionaire youngest in the world, fell surrendered love by Travis Scott and without hesitation made it clear that the reconciliation is already a fact, so dedicated to a romantic and effusive words of love.

“I am slowly, but surely accepting the fact that Stormi is a daddy’s little girl, but no matter. We are half in greatness. The most beautiful, smart, loving and funny small baby, the best gift. Ok, I’m crying. Love you forever,” wrote Kylie Jenner in the legend of the images.

The businesswoman released from its account Instagrama series of photographs and videos in which he celebrates one more year of life with the love of her life, and who decided becoming a mother.

Since the beginning of this year, started the rumor that the couple had saved the differences and renewed their relationship, so they began to be seen together sharing special moments with your daughter.

According to a publication of TMZ, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott resumed their relationship. And the business of cosmetology started to give clues positive when assumption a publication on 14 February, where you saw your room full of sunflowers sent by the singer on the occasion of the celebration of Valentine’s day.

The reconciliation is a fact: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

In the second birthday Stormi presence of Travis Scott and the signals approach, which gave the couple they were very convincing that not only was a friendship or good relationship of parents.

During the celebration they were happy to share with the small Stormi in the midst of a great festival in which the sister of Kim Kardashian threw the house out the window when you perform a extravangante celebration, according to newspaper headlines had a higher cost to 100 thousand dollars.

As published the journal Whothe relationship between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott was very short, because the minor of the clan Kardashian-Jenner began to be seen with the artist in 2017 and already for February of 2018 was born Stormi.

Despite the break-up, Jenner always enjoyed a good relationship with the father of your daughter, and confirmed this through their social networks, when he posted a tweet where he claró that it was all for the welfare of his daughter.

“Travis and I are on the best of terms, and our main objective now is to Stormi. Our friendship and our daughter is a priority,” he wrote.

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