It’s impossible to believe! Mariah Carey surprised her fans by singing live… really, how is your voice?


Although his musical career began already a couple of decades, Mariah Carey is more valid than ever in the charts and radio stations.

And that has been evidenced after that, even 12 years after it published, an iconic album of the american singer engaged as the most listened to.

A situation that did not go unnoticed for Carey, who was in charge of thanking his followers for making this possible.

“I woke up yesterday and I found that “E=MC2” is, somehow, the number one album on iTunes. Expected No less in twelfth anniversary,” said artist of 50 years on Instagram.

To celebrate and delight to his 9.4 million followers, the ex Luis Miguel dared to sing part of one of their most popular themes. And left them speechless!

The interpreter of ‘Fantasy’ made boast of his high vocal ability, the same that has characterized it since the beginning of his career. It’s amazing!

Some days ago, Mariah Carey published some memes about the quarantine, always inciting their fans to comply with the sanitary measures suggested by the WHO.