Jeffree Star revived his quarrel with James, Charles, and Tati Westbook

Jeffree Star is giving them even to James Charles and Tati Westbook the time of their lives.

During this week’s episode of the podcast Mom’s Basement, the controversial youtuber and makeup artist decided to revive the conflict with James and Tati. As his followers may remember, its all bout began when Tati released a video of forty minutes, breaking all ties I had with James, after he published a story on instagram promoting vitamins Sugarbear Sleep, which are the direct responsibility of the trademark Tati.

And how do you go Jeffree in this scenario? Therefore he, along with other stars of YouTube, they decided to make public their own tensions and disagreements over James.

So in the chapter of this week’s podcast, the driver asked Jeffree “What Is James Charles a danger to society? what’s a predator?” as a reference to a tweet that was deleted Jeffree where called these things to James, stating that all that Tati said in his video is 100% true.

“Listen…” he Began his statement by Jeffree on the podcast. “There is a long pause because it is a very tricky situation…it’s a complicated question”.

“I’m 100 % comfortable with that I do that question, but the truth is that will annoy many people. The truth is that….and I can not say who is legally at this point…we said a couple of things and we trust his opinion, but then another person confirmed to us several of those things and was a friend of him, which really convinced us that it is a predator,” said Jeffree. At the end of the day, I will not go out as a victim of James Charles. But if it is real, because we don’t yet know if it is real.”

I continue saying that it is very ‘fucked up’ because so many people have commented that he is the villain, because several of the followers of James have been accused of having ruined his career.

If you want to know all the details, click on the video.

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