Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson they break their relationship after only a few months out

Actress Kate Beckinsale and the comedian of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Pete Davidson surprised the world earlier this year with an engagement that right away caught all the front pages and headlines. The margin for the two decades that separate themthe interest aroused by the that immediately became one of the partners of fashion of the season could be explained in part by the more recent history of the love of him, known especially sentimental for you have come to compromise with the singer Ariana Grande.

But now, media such as ‘Entertainment Tonight’ and ‘People’ have revealed that the new bride and groom they decided to put an end to their romance. Apparently, a source close to the environment of both has declared that the two performers had the impression that things were going too fast and have decided to stop the car on time: “they remain friends but are not in terms of romantic”.

The few months of relationship we have shared have served, however, to the couple became the protagonist of several moments of high-profileas happened during the hockey game which was attended by at Madison Square Garden in early march and during the were devoted to a series of effusive gestures of affection that were highly commented upon.