Kate Middleton, Jennifer Aniston and Yalitza Aparicio used the same dress


If there is something that distinguishes the duchess of Cambridge, and the protagonist of Friends and ex of Brad Pitt, is its unmatched style to dress. In fact, they agreed, at the time of dressing up in outfits very similar despite the fact that both have very different styles. Kate Middleton, Jennifer Aniston and Yalitza Aparicio, used the same dressand they look beautiful.

What have in common these three celebrities? Apparently, nothing, since both Kate Middletonas Jennifer Aniston, and the mexican Yalitza Aparicioare from different countries, have probably never been spoken to, and their careers and obligations point to different places. However, there is something in that, yes, agreed: a beautiful dress.

Yes, the three chose the same dress, only in different occasions and different shades, but yes, they looked beautiful and quite glamorous.

This is the model Falconetti signature The Vampire”s Wifethat Kate Middleton shone more recently, in 2019, during his visit to Ireland, while Jennifer Aniston him dressed in 2018, and Yalitza Aparicio at the beginning of 2019.

In the case of the Duchess of Cambridge, chose this beautiful garment is shiny with ruffles on the hems, sleeves, transparent, and cut to the waist, made from chiffon silk with metallic, emerald green in colour, doing justice to the characteristic color of several elements, irish, when he went with Prince William at a visit in that country, to the factory of Guinness.

For its part, Jennifer Aniston looked splendid in the same model, but black in color, when he went as a guest to an interview with his great friend Jimmy Kimmelnow , in 2018. On that occasion, she chose her mane loose, with a detail in the fringe.

Meanwhile, Yalitza Aparicio it also coincided with the beautiful famous, when using the same model of dress, only in gold color, and with a longer fit. At that time, she went to an award ceremony, at which your film Rome, was nominated. And, of course, looked spectacular.

Without a doubt, these three women are great representatives of their careers and their countries, and in addition, have a great style, that note, and furthermore, as on this occasion, shared.

Kate Middleton, Jennifer Aniston and Yalitza Aparicio used the same dress. PHOTO: EFE