Kelly Clarkson test singing in Spanish how do you get?


“This is my favorite project and the more difficult in that I worked on. While growing up singing in different languages, I always dreamed to find the perfect song with the right message to connect worldwide”highlighted Kelly Clarkson through a press release.

“I Dare You (I dare You to Love)”his debut in Spanish, has as a contributor to the Spanish Blas Cantó. In addition to this version, Kelly Clarkson had recorded this theme in other languages: French (with Zaz), Arabic (with Faouzia), German (with Glasperlenspiel) and Hebrew (Maya Buskila).

“We decided to go ahead with the launch on this date, as it is now when we feel that we must be united, and perhaps the message of this song brings hope in this time of darkness and isolation“, told the artist, who released this new song in full pandemic by the coronavirus.

Clarkson released in 2017, his last album Meaning of Life, eighth in his career, which started after winning the first edition of the contest “American Idol.”

Since 2003, with the output of Thankfulthe artist sold more than 25 million copies of their albumsbesides running with three Grammy awards and four American Music Awards.

To the middle of last year, the singer and actress had to be operated on for appendicitis after his presentation at the Billboard awards after suffering a strong pain.

Hours after the show, told through their social networks that suffered greatly during the presentation. At the end, he was on the verge of tears, barely able to contain the pain that is felt in the abdominal area. Despite this, he would not suspend his show and went ahead as if nothing and show no signs of what was happening.

The other day, once it reached Los Angeles, he visited his primary care physician for a consultation. After the corresponding studies, was operated. Much more quiet, after the surgery, he said that was fine and thanked the samples of affection of his fans.