Lady Gaga tune your car to the beat of ‘Stupid Love’ | News


Lady Gaga has already commenced officially its was Chromatica. Their new album will see the light next April 10, and the sale of tickets to her international tour is just around the corner.

The singer Bad Romance he has worked tirelessly to give his fans the best of herself, as always. But she also deserves a break and enabled or disabled.

And how has he done? The pop diva, neither short nor lazy, has taken a couple of sprays pink and has painted his Mercedes to the beat of their latest single. A pair of hearts and the words “Stupid Love” could be read on the hood of your cool car.

When you’re very tired because you can’t stop working and you end up painting your car”, shared on social networks. But the matter did not finish there. The american artist has moved to a restaurant of self-service with your single Stupid Love sounding out of whole cloth, and made your food order with a non-stop dancing on the front passenger seat.

Surely you have also heard the new song of Gaga on the way to work or the institute, by car or public transport. Who can resist dancing to a great song as well?