‘Manic’, the soul of Halsey made pieces… of music


In 2007, film critic Nathan Rabin gave the term ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’, usually translated into English as ‘the girl of your dreams’, to describe these women “who are there to help men insecure to pursue their own selfish happiness.” “An insular creature of the world of the film, shallow and exists only in the feverish imagination of romantic writers and directors who encourage young men sensitive to embrace life and its adventures and infinite mysteries.” On this very concept versa Manic, the last work of Halsey and the most personal to date.

The third studio album the u.s. is a relentless kaleidoscope of sounds, conversations, phrases, movies, voice messages, monologues, internal… And the more varied music. Shedding of the entire mask, the artist of 25 years have set up your new disk as if it was a personal journal it were, whose 16 tracksor entries, require that you approach them using linear and chronologically to discover the experiences that blend between its verses and chords. But these are not the stories of Halsey. The voice that emerges from all of them is the Ashley Frangipane, who no longer hides behind the acronym of art.

Track by track

Always keeping to their usual sound pop-rock / electropop / indie, although getting into the field of country, Halsey has proclaimed the death of the authoras in his day what did Barthes, and has taught us who is Ashley and what it has to tell. And there was no better way to do that than with the beginning of the album. The first topic, ‘Ashley’is a letter of presentation to this new musical era of the artist. Between whispers and screams the singer starts to rebel, all that has kept silent for many years until his voice merged with that of Kate Winslet in the film ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’.

“Too many guys think I’m a concept or I complete them or I’m going to ‘make them alive’… But I’m just a fucked up girl who’s looking for my own peace of mind. Don t assign me yours”.

Clementine, the character of Winslet in the critically acclaimed 2004 film, is the perfect example of the ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’. Therefore, once more, Halsey grabs him for the composition of the second song on the album: ‘clementine’, a fight maniqueísta between good and evil, two voices: the Ashley and Halsey. One rising above the other to be noticed, to endure and to take complete control of the other. The interpreter took this song on the day of his 25th birthday with a video clip where she dances to the beat of his brother, another clue that points to the duality of your person.

Then comes the second single ‘Manic’ and probably the more commercial: ‘Graveyard’. If with the above topics Halsey taught us their two faces, in this firmly shows us their dreams more hidden. With a fast rhythm and electronic sounds, this song speaks about the difficulty of letting go and to what point we would continue blindly to those who matter to us. The fantasies of the singer turns on us like horses in a guy alive, so he at least exposes himself music video that Halsey starred with Sydney Sweeney.

Love in the time of cholera

In ‘You should be sad’ and ‘Finally // beautiful stranger’ the u.s. flirts for the first time with the sound national of their land: the country. However, the two songs couldn’t be more different from each other. If the first is rage, anger and frustration, the second represents the calm absolute after the storm. A respite from the downpour. A letter to open hearts to fall in love again.

This approach will undoubtedly be repeated in ‘Forever … (is a long time)’ where the piano and the violins smooth evolve into a sound much more electronic distortion of voice, tears, and screams. All to faithfully represent how one feels when autoboicotea your own happiness.

Up here you can already discover the cholera it is a recurrent theme in ‘Manic’. Whether it be musically (‘3am’) or by letters (‘I HATE EVERYBODY’), Halsey returns to fill in their personal journal of an unfortunate and stormy thoughts related to the loneliness and the double-edged sword of fame. While the first has an aggressive tone to accompany good guitarreos that seem to belong to the previous decade, the second almost resembles a children’s song, although the meaning behind the song or approach.

The wrath of Halsey is with herself, her around… And with the opposite gender. So it shows in ‘killing the boy’, item that begins with the iconic confession from Megan Fox to Amanda Seyfried on the tape ‘Jennifer’s Body’, about why it is loading all the kids in his institute. This anger towards men and the paternalism already explored in his previous simple ‘Nightmare’ that, oddly enough, does not figure among the tracks of this new album.

Ashley and Co.

However, to say that this album is an invention that whole of Halsey and his experiences it would be a lie. In the process, other great and varied musicians have contributed with their grain of sand through musical interludes. A bit like when you break your arm and plaster your friends you signed something nice.

In this case, the names are hidden between the sling Halsey are the Dominic Fike (‘Dominic”s Interlude’), the prominent figure of the country Alanis Morisette (Alanis’ Interlude) and the megastar of kpop SUGA of BTS (‘SUGA”s Interlude’) with whom our artist worked in the theme ‘The Boy With Luv’.

To love another and one’s self

In ‘More’ discover the romantic side of Halsey. The rage has ceased for a brief moment aside to profess undying love to that special person who despite having read the entire diary, you want from the first page. Back of sheet and know ‘Still Learning’. With a rhythm very similar to that of ‘Eastside’ (collaboration that Halsey has signed with Benny Blanco and Khalid), Ashley speaks for the first time on the self-love and the sacrifices and efforts they entail.

Finally, we come to ‘929’definitely the most raw and honest of the entire album, and, exactly for this reason, the chapter perfect to finish it. With a soft base and acoustics, Ashley makes us some deep confessions about his problems with the stardom, the self-perception, the responsibility of being an idol of the masses, the estrangement with their fathers, or their past sexual relations. A perfect finale to the earthquake of feelings that this plea for nearly 50 minutes has already resulted.

The disc is completed with ‘Without Me’, first single of the interpreter in this new era that is spent in the number 1 of the lists us almost a year. This sound trap, and some amazing visuals helped him to get nearly 350 million views on YouTube.

These new songs will sound in Spain on 6 and 7 February in Madrid and Barcelona, respectively, as Halsey has chosen our country for the kick off to his new tour ‘Manic’.