Marvel wants Spider-Man in Deadpool 4 | Tom Holland | Ryan Reynolds | Movies and series

Despite the fact that Ryan Reynolds has confirmed recently that Deadpool 3 will be produced by Marvel Studios, it is highly likely that fans of the popular anti-hero may not see delivery until within a few years. Anyway, planning that the company devotes to its movie universe will introduce it little by little before your next outing solo.

Deadpool 3 was not announced as part of Phase 4 of the MCU, which is likely to hit theaters in the Phase 5 or 6. This period will give the creative team of Marvel’s the time to think about how to make the character played by Ryan Reynolds enter the franchise without breaking the continuity achieved in the Saga of the Infinite.

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Now, an update of the information about the project that involves the aftermath of the ‘Mercenary Largemouth’ reveals a detail that will surprise the fans of Marvel. According to a report by the specialized medium We Got This Covered, the company is already planning a fourth installment for Deadpool and wants Reynolds share the limelight with an old acquaintance.

Watch here the trailer of Deadpool 2:

The sources of WGTC claim that the studio wants Spider-Man to have a special participation in the movie. For this, ‘the house of ideas’ plans to bring the characters of Tom Holland and Ryan Reynolds ahead of time to work on Deadpool 4.

So, fans of Marvel will be able to finally see the joint work of two of the most popular heroes and charismatic in the comics.