Mia Khalifa in lingerie catch on to their millions of followers on Twitter

The famous ex-star of the adult film Mia Khalifa, has appeared with a photograph so bold that caught on quickly to their millions of fans on Twitter, as in the photograph appears in white lingerie super uncapped.

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Khalifa is still one of the stars of the film for adult most searched for on google , so that it retains the second place among the most sought-after, so their photos from social networking are very well received.

In the instant Mine appears lying on a blanket of teddy, where the model is displayed in white lingerie and trasparentosa, exuding beauty and [email protected], as his face is as if he were enjoying something.

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The publication has more than 7 thousand “likes” and has been retwitteada by hundreds of his followers, because in this application shares a few more burning images with which he has managed to turn to his fans for new account.

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Khalifa is known and possessed of enormous physical attributes that go mad at any and therefore often shares images of her beautiful anatomy that steals sighs everywhere. With the publication Khalifa seeks to share its beauty, inviting the internet users to be a part of your page content private, in which he shows a lot more of it.

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Khalifa has left in the past, the profession that made it famous; however, it has not abandoned its fans, and they often share nasty images of her on social networks constantly and in addition, has its page of exclusive content and much more “playful”.

After his great fame is dedicated to be a commentator for sports which he always liked, also entered the world of gastronomy and is also an entrepreneur who took advantage of its fame produces calendars that she herself is the protagonist and promotes.

Mia Khalifa has not stopped being in the mouth of all, as is well remembered, and even longed for their faithful fans who want to continue seeing her in the movies, even though she asegua that will not return.

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