Millie Bobby Brown prepares To ‘Time Lost’, his first movie for Netflix


What of Millie Bobby Brown it is a non-stop. After you conquer the middle with his facet as an actress in productions such as the ‘Stranger Things’ that put her in the limelight or ‘Godzilla II: King of the monsters’, and launching his own line of cosmetics, is about to take the next step in your career of the hand of Netflix.

This is no other than write and produce the feature film ‘Time Lost’, which will be released on the streaming platform, next to his older sister Paige Brown. The screenwriter, Anna Klassen, for his part, will sign the script based on the original story created by Brown.

Two sisters and a family drama

The announcement has come alongside a press release Millie Bobby Brown and Paige Brown, in which, obviously, thank you to Netflix the opportunity:

“We are very grateful to Netflix for your confidence in us and in this beautiful story, we spent years writing and developing. It is about friendship, family, and overcoming obstacles when it seems the world is sinking. It has been a labor of love, literally”.

On the other hand, Lisa Nishimura, Vice president of feature films and independent documentaries from Netflix, has returned the courtesy:

“Millie is a creative talent extraordinary. We have been fortunate to have her in our family since the beginning of his career. It is really exciting to see how Millie brings his unique vision to the screen, now as a writer and producer, along with his sister, in this wonderful film”.

‘Time Lost’ revolves around a long-lived enmity between two families of Long Island that reaches a critical point when one of his teenage daughters is diagnosed with cancer. We will see how it will develop the productionand if the boom Brown does not end deshinchándose ahead of schedule.