Natalia Barulich in FIERY apparel shows Maluma that he is faithful (PHOTO)


The sentimental partner of Maluma, the model Natalia Barulich has impacted in a daring image that is giving what to talk about after the singer pose with another woman in the bed.

It turns out that a few days ago Maluma surprised all of his followers with the last video clip titled “natural Instinct”, which is part of their latest album 11:11 has been a success.

In the video the attractive colombian appears in multiple scenes in bed with big artists, even took a good sustazo at some point, but the weird thing was that his girlfriend, model Natalia Barulich did not appear at any time more than three minutes in the duration of the video.


It is noteworthy that Natalia Barulich recent published images that have impacted the followers of both luminaries in the show, because many internet users claim that the beautiful model as revenge for not having been taken into account in the video, posed in little clothing.

It was through his official Instagram that he decided to imitate one of the scenes that made your boyfriend Maluma, so she played a few poses on the bed with clothes very sexy, that is by burning the instagramers.

In the snapshot appears fully made-up, touching the hair bulb and underwear with bright flowers and stockings that make you see more sensual than usual.

But that’s not all, to compliment your exquisite outfit, he is accompanied by a few high-heeled shoes with patterns that only the model knows to look.

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Natalia Barulich

Natalia Barulich

It was not to be doubted that the publication set fire to the social networks, as it elicited comments of all kinds, where there has also arisen a rumor that probably the picture has some hidden trick.


Internet users have noticed that since a few photographs from his past where he proves that the beauty and sensuality of the model have trick, as it is also presumed that it has gone through many surgeries before having your current physical appearance.

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