New album, new love and new era for Lady Gaga, the artist that is more intense than the last time

To cleansed face, in jeans and a white t-shirt, Lady Gaga it seems like a typical girl. When you have fiaca and is made in the chair, also. So is the saw in the documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two, where a couple of years ago exhibited your fibromyalgia (which manifests itself through severe pains in the muscles, ligaments and tendons) and their deepest feelings: the break with your partner then the anxiety by singing at the Super Bowl, the anguish for the death of her aunt Joanne, who never met, but who served as a muse for your disk more sense. Time healed some wounds and reopened others that, far from weakening it made it stronger. Lady Gaga looks like a typical girl, although not.

Some days ago, the journalist Lindsay Crouse wrote in The New York Times an article that asked “How do you compare yourself with one of the most famous women in the world?”. Crouse went out for seven years with the current boyfriend of Lady Gaga and described on that note how rare it felt to have seen his ex, accompanying a diva. With height and a great sense of humor, Lindsay explained: “Lady Gaga is amazing. Compare to she is incredibly motivating, and I recommend you try it, regardless of how you relationships with who they’re hanging out with her.” The reporter is not wrong, Gaga is amazing and will have more than enough reasons to try it out.

For a start, this year he achieved a goal that chased her a long time ago, he was able to quit smoking tobacco. Interviewed by the programme of New Zealand, New Music Daily with Zane LoweApple’s Music, said that he left the cigarette. “I have come to a complete stop, it came to smoking 40 cigarettes a day. I have stopped blow, but it has been very hard. I will not smoking ever before, I believe that I saw jesus Christ during a week. It was terrible,” he said, ” describing the withdrawal. To overcome this addiction was only the first of the news that Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta had for his fans in 2020.

Be overcome is part of their nature, and as well as in the documentary, autobiographical, the artist showed his side more vulnerable, the of a sore body and extreme tiredness, also allowed a total openness to having the emotional origin of the disease that troubled. Sitting in front of the presenter of american TV, Oprah Winfrey, the singer recalled: “Suddenly I became a star and was travelling the world, going from hotel room to the garage, the limo to the stage, and never faced me, and suddenly I began to experience this incredible intense pain in my whole body. That mimicked the disease I felt after being raped”.

Without too many detours, the chameleon-like star is sincere about a topic that troubled psychologically and physically, and that it is healing. Although the aftermath of that attack become unavoidable reset is in your DNA, and, with 33 years (meets 34 this march 28), Lady Gaga continues to be an example of overcoming and evolution. The personal changes bring with them new musical airs and the new state is transformed in songs.

Chromatica, his new album

The singer premiered material after a long time, even though it was active as an actress in the successful film, of which he was the protagonist, A Star Is Born. Chromatica comes out on the 10th of April and is the album that comes after the advancement in the form of a single, “Stupid Love”. This is their sixth studio album and featured the production of BloodPop, a young talented 29-year-old, who had already worked with Gaga earlier, and that is one of the favorites of Madonna, Justin Bieber and Beyoncé, among others.

LG-6, an acronym that will put their “monsters” (so were called their fans) to this LP, comes after four years almost on stand-by. It is not that he was idle: he was nominated for an Oscar, won a Golden Globe and he also composed the soundtrack of A Star Is Born, who starred alongside Bradley Cooper. Despite the success in the cinema, “Stupid Love” is the first original song that the artist releases from Joanne (2016). Unlike that album, this is presented as a much less intimate and more pop.

With space suits, masks and strident colors, the aesthetics of “Stupid Love” catch input. The choruses and choreography end up doing the work. In the interview for the average new zealander, Germanotta explained that this album “it’s about healing and also about being brave”. And back to mixing the personal with the art: “When we talk about love, I think that it is very important to also include the fact that loving someone requires a lot of courage”.

Michael Polansky, his new love

While who knows what was happening in their intimacy, the manoeuvre of Lady Gaga was successful. So it was that, after separating from her boyfriend and agent, Cristian Carinothe singer stoked with faces suggestive and a body posture analysed up to the weariness, the rumors that fed into a romance (never tried) with his companion in the fiction, Bradley Cooper. A year later, just when it is coming out his new song and is preparing to release his long life, the unknown Michael Polansky comes to the busy social network of Lady Gaga, who is presented in society as his current partner.

The businessman of 41 years, dedicated to finance and technology, is the one who accompanies you in this new stage of the mega pop star. “We had a great time in Miami”, put it in a posting to Instagram, in the week of the Super Bowl, where they were together. This time she did not sing (as I had done in 2007) and went to plan “typical girl”, a place that feels comfortable. Sitting in the foothills of Polansky for the photo to Instagram, Lady Gaga was seen in love, vulnerable, dear. Even if you paint your hair pink and put crystals on the face, she is a girl and so it likes to be displayed.

The entrepreneur is very far from the show business and, accordingly, they would have met at a private party, few months ago. The relations of Gaga news, like everything in his life. Last year, the artist had been going out with Dan Horton, a sound engineer for your environment. Long before, one of the first boyfriends that you knew it was Rob Fusari, the first producer you worked with and who was part responsible for the success of Poker Face (2008). Things ended up rare, and years after it has been removed, Fusari sued for more than $ 20 million. Even went on to say that the name “Lady Gaga”, she belonged to him.

The loves of Germanotta is always called the attention, just like everything that surrounds her. Luc Carl was her boyfriend for six years, known each other since before he was very famous and they came to engage, but in 2011 they cut all kinds of link. Another with which she came to commit was with the actor and model Taylor Kinney, but neither prospered. Polansky has nothing to do with the world of the show, or with his career, so maybe now it could end up being a typical girl. Even though she is a star with million fans all over the world, and he a powerful and influential businessman with an ex-girlfriend very good wave that writes about him and his new partner in the New York Times.