OMG! Britney Spears burned down their house by accident


Some fans of Britney Spears had been wondering why the singer did not share any new publication in your account of Instagram, from the gym you have in your house, and just now reveal why: six months ago the pop princess burned that room in a domestic accident caused by a couple of candles.

As explained by the own Britney Spears in a recent video that you shared on that platform, in your time forgot to turn them off and ‘one thing led to another’ until the room ended up burning completely.

Fortunately the fire alarm rang on time and no one was hurt, but nearly all of the equipment train were lost in the fire.

‘I went over to the side of the door and you could see the flames. It has been an accident, but yes, it has burned everything’, he added in the text that accompanied the recording, in which she appears with sports clothing and speaking a little nervous in front of the camera, while it sways slightly from side to side.

Without a doubt, Britney always tries to see the positive side of things and, in spite of the great fright that was, in the beginning was comforted thinking that has always preferred to train in the garden.