Outrage at the absence of Alex Morgan in the historical cover: “why is not added with Photoshop?”


The non-presence of the pregnant crack in the photo of Time causes an avalanche of complaints: eye to the explanation for US Soccer.

The absence of Alex Morgan, pregnant in about 5 months, in the cover photo dedicated Time to the national women’s football the USA as ‘Athlete of the Year’ of 2019 has caused outrage an avalanche of protests in the united States and internationally.

If how is it possible that the charismatic player of the Orlando Pride does not leave in the image, which if why he has permitted the publication of the photograph being incomplete, if you do not added to Alex with Photoshop… questions and more questions, mostly directed to the US Soccer.

Such has been the traffic of messages of complaint and outrage that the Federation has had to leave to step on to report that “Alex Morgan has not been able to attend the photo session” for reasons of agenda, “but it is always there in spirit”.

Although the US Soccer goes no further in his explanation, the future motherhood of Alex, 30 years old, may be the reason of non availability.

Nor Tierna Davidson it appears in the image of Time, which has also attracted criticism, although to a lesser extent.

The remaining 21 selected by Jill Ellis and world champions in France-2019 yes copan the historic cover of the prestigious magazine.

PHOTO: @TIME / @alexmorgan13