Ovy on the Drums, tells us how it is to sing with Tini, Kimberly Loaiza and Karol G

If this kid does not ring a bell, is a colombian who produces and sings urban music, is called Daniel Echavarría Oviedo, 29 years old, and his nickname Ovy on the Drums comes several friends producers, your last name, and at the suggestion of Karol G.

Just with she had her first hit world: “Tusa” (where he also sings Nicki Minaj), as was the producer. “It’s something that I don’t believe it yet, but it is very cute and always dreamed about it. I was fighting for my ‘Slowly’,” he says in reference to the mega hitazo of Luis Fonsi, and he got it! But one of the coolest things of all was to work with Karol, a very special girl for him. “With her I have a beautiful friendship, I started with her since their first songs, six years ago. It is a sister to me, same thing Anuel”, account.

Their current mega-hit is “no longer call me”, which is ultra llegador and dedicable, and she sings it with Tini. “It’s a song that people can relate to. It is a past love or that you failed, and tell him that you don’t call, you forget your name and don’t look for more, the time spent and not what aprovechaste, you’re just a memory”. Oh Zaz, how are you! Ovy he says that “when I showed the song to Tini, loved it. With she has always been an energy that’s very nice, and has made the song as if it were a simple of it; I thought it was very cute. Since I met her, we have a very nice friendship, the times that I have shared with her is a great person. Is a genius, a woman who I admire and respect”.

And the next one will be a good surprise, says this guy, because to start the made with itKimberly Loaiza! “She went to Columbia to record it, and stands by this is happening (the coronavirus). It’s called ‘turn Off the light’, and since we recorded the video. I believe a lot in that song, and I hope it’s a super success,” he advances. Also did “12 July”, with JD Pantojafor Kima. “He met him first. Was at a friend’s house. Since we were still on Instagram, and talked on there. Gave Me very good energy since I met him. Whether it’s family, beyond work,” he says.

If you beat these songs that have done, follow him to the track to Ovy on the Drums, because it promises more that could become your addiction. Meanwhile, let’s hope the Kim!