Pete Davidson continued to Kate Beckinsale on Instagram


After the break-up of Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale everyone was surprised because they seem to be the perfect couple, especially after knowing the stormy break Davidson had sustained with Ariana Grande.

However, it seems that Kate and Pete they remain friends despite their past relationship as his followers have noticed an exchange of likes quite curious Instagram which many believe means that the two celebrities maintained a relationship of friendship.

Last Tuesday, may 21, several to many fans noticed that Pete had started to follow the account Kate in Instagram about 3:00 am, just after giving a like one of the photos where the actress comes out with their parents.

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This action did not go unnoticed for Kate Beckinsale who returned the gesture to follow back Pete Davidsonalthough the fans did not notice that the actress you would like any of the photos of the comedian.

Just after the break Kate and Pete they were involved in scandals involving their social networks, since both received a lot of messages from the haters and trolls, so now their fans are happy to see that you have returned to Instagram and we remain as friends as before.

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