Pets, the great allies during the confinement

Pets have become the great allies of the popular characters during the confinement. Dogs, cats, rabbits and even donkeys are part of the family and their bodies are furry accompany and amuse their owners.

Dogs that you read in front of the computer, who speak between them, that sleep with their owners; donkeys that play chess, and pets rescued from abandonment are the great companions of models and actors.

The model Cara Delevingne has two dogs with which it is usual to watch her play in the pictures and “stories” that rises to the social networks.

But, in addition, during the confinement, and attending to the calls of the organizations collection of animals, has adopted two puppies that have been named as the two great myths of the music: “Bowie” and “Hendrix”. An initiative that encourages you to perform all of his followers.

Actress Kaley Cuoco, “Penny” in the series “The Big Bang Theory”, has also been added to the adoptions, but in his case, of two little pigs: Leeroy and Wilbur. The actress is a great lover of animals and their social networks encourages everyone to adopt animals from many of the associations that are dedicated to their protection and care.

Cuoco went to a farm, where he posed with rabbits and horses, from where he sent a “BIG shout out to all who have joined to breed dogs of a refuge during the quarantine. What we learn about dogs in the household will help them to be friends of the perfect family,” she wrote on Instagram.

The actress shares from years ago, his home a labrador, Norman, and he has incorporated two dogs welcome, Light, and Dumpy.

The model Kaia Gerber appears playing in the garden of his house, during the last few weeks, with a puppy with the gray hair with the nap.

The young protagonist of “Strangers Things,” Millie Bobbie Brown, she lives with four dogs, Ronnie, Reggie, Dolly and Winniebut as complaint, it is not always all being photographed.

Priyanka Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas share their spacious house with Gino, a German shepherd that doubles in size to its companion of games, Diana, that you always try to get your best profile.

The “influencer” Olivia Palermo take advantage of the proximity to Central Park to give daily walks with white and woolly “Buddy”. While “Elvis” is the refuge of Ana de Armas, who takes a stroll through Los Angeles with Ben Affleck.

“Taylor,” the pet of Michael Douglas, he seems to have real gifts as a conversationalist, judging by how he eats and looks at his owner in the terrace of your home. A way to share the hours of the day. A pet with his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, also shared laughter and love on Instagram.

Although for hustlers “Lou”, the pug of Reese Witherspoon that is planted in front of the computer tuned to receive video calls and messages, as if I could answer them.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, in addition to share their huge house with Cherry, a cute yorkshire with a pink bow, play chess with Lulu, a donkey that does not do honour to his name, and that after the game, playing on the field with Whiskey, a beautiful pony, to which the actor also gives all your pampering.