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Netflix has become a normal activity in the world, in times of quarantine because of the coronavirus. The platform streaming renews its board every month and for may, as is not the exception, enlists the arrival of new films and series.

Through their social networks, Netflix promotes the list of your new content and this time we leave the new features for this 1 of may. And so that you can enjoy from this Friday, and the weekend, we will explain and detail some of the material to come.

The main protagonist from the ‘Worker’s Day’ will be ‘Batman’ the hero of gotham city. One of the recognized faces of the signature of DC Comics will come with three movies to Netflix, although with different actors wearing the costume of a bat.

Batman begins’(2005) and ‘Batman: The dark knight rises’ (2012), a movie that had the actor Christian Bale in the role of Bruce Wayne. In the same way, arrives ‘Batman vs Superman: the origin of the justice’ with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill as major rivals. Not to be missed.

‘Kong: skull island’, with King Kong on the central axis of the story, it is also one of the films most anticipated by the fans. ‘If you knew’, a film themed, LGBT, and ‘All day and a night’, which combines the drama and the action. Content for you all on this first day of may.

In terms of series: reach ‘Hollywood’, which tells the story of aspiring actors and filmmakers who seek the glory with the Seventh Art. At the same time, appears ‘Almost Happy’, a series semibiográfica from the comedian and conductor Sebastian Wainraich.


Almost Happy


If you knew
All day and a night
Batman begins
Batman: The dark knight rises
Batman vs Superman: the origin of the justice
Kong: skull island