Quibi; how Much does it cost, and how the streaming platform? – News series

Series and programs of between 8 and 10 minutes, and only for mobile devices; that’s what Quibi.

The effect of the stories social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and now even YouTube (which incidentally began in applications such as Snapchat) have had an effect cyclical in the entertainment industry. People are fascinated by the videos of short length for so you can consume more in less time. So it has come Quibi, the new platform streaming that responds to the needs of the millennials and all consumers of the internet who require content to be of short duration.

The purists of the entertainment and film will be offended, but, fortunately, that market will continue to exist and Quibi is only another way of telling stories. The name of the service comes from “Quick Bites”, the English equivalent to small fragments and the leaders of the product are Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman, key names within the industry of film and television.


From the past April 6, the app Quibi is available in the smart devices to be unloaded and their catalog has a tremendous amount of content that has surprised more than one. Whitman and Katzenberg referred to their project as “a platform that seeks to have the quality of HBO and the portability of Spotify.” This last surely can perhaps claim more of what they can offer, but their eventual positioning in the marketplace we will answer any questions or bias that we have.


Quibi has two monthly plans: US$4.99 with trade and$7.99 without commercial, which gives an approximate in mexican pesos of $121 and $193 respectively. The platform has been launched in north America and other Latin american countries such as Mexico, and then do it globally. The crisis of the coronavirus has affected you in some way to the promotion of the service and content, therefore it has not been given the attention it needs to be in the mouth of the audience.



Fortunately Quibi has 90 days (three months) test for free for all the users that downloaded it before the 30th of April, after that date, although not yet confirmed, the test time without a cost would be lower. Important to be repetitive with regard to that Quibi will only be available on mobile devices and it is not downloadable on any smart tv. The formats of the series are adapted to the screen of the cell. There is a plan that indicates that, based on the success they have, the format may change and mute to other platforms.



According to the statement of Quibi, the platform will add daily more than three hours of content and will have at the end of this year 175 original programs and projects attractive. The platform will also have news programmes of BBC News, The Weather Channel, NBC News, ESPN, among others. On the other hand, Guillermo del Toro is developing a history of zombies for the service; Steven Spielberg released at the end of the year a series called Spielberg’s After Dark; Jason Blum will produce a series called Wolves and Villagers; Darren Criss and Kether Donohue will Royalty; among many more projects.

Currently the following series are among the most viewed of the platform: 50 States of Fearthe genre of horror produced by Sam Raimi. The thriller action Most Dangerous Gamestarring Liam Hemsworth. The existential drama Survive estelarizado by Sophie Turner; and Dummy, hilarious comedy about an inflatable doll starring Anna Kendrick.


To cancel the subscription to Quibi, you must be aware of the court date of your plan and after the free trial you can do it without any charge. There are No time limits forced to stay necessarily with the app, so it really is very easy to control our pace, which offers this service streaming.