Rihanna buys respirator to your dad sick of coronavirus


BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS.- Despite the bad relationship that Rihanna has argued with his father since he divorced her mom, the singer decided to support him while struggling against the coronavirus.

In an interview for the The Sun newspaper, Ronald Fenty he confessed that his daughter has been very aware of their health. “Got in contact with me daily to make sure he was ok. The truth is that I thought I was going to die,” he said.

It also revealed that the interpreter of “Umbrella” bought a mechanical ventilator in the event that your health would have required by the deadly virus, however, was not used because it was able to recover in your home.

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“I have to say: I love You very much, Robyn. Has done so much for me and I appreciate it from the heart,” said Ronald. It also urged the population of Barbados to stay in their homes.

The father of Rihanna and her mother divorced when she was a little girl. It is known that the famous singer lived with the addiction of his father and witnessed domestic violence that was inflicted on her mom.