Roberta Vinci recounts his victory of 2015 against Serena Williams


Italy is one of the countries most affected by the pandemic COVID-19, an additional reason your celebrity tennis have risen in recent days, to support and find a solution to the global crisis.

Jannik Sinner launched the #SinnePizzaChallenge , Fabio Fognini expressed its wish to buy surgical masks for supply to care homes for older people , and now Roberta Vinci has submitted a message meant to help people overcome these complicated times.

“The Corriere della Sera asked me to tell about an event in my sporting history with the hope that it may be of support,” said Vinci to your Twitter followers. “Without pretending to compare two situations that are so different, I hope that my experience encourages us to not give in”

Vinci, who has been withdrawn for two years, told of his incredible victory in the semi-final over Serena Williams, which, for her, means that hope should never be abandoned. “In these days, in the terrible emergency situation of the coronavirus in which we find ourselves, I remembered the match that I played with Serena Williams in New York in 2015,” said the Italian daily Corriere.

“The previous day, to overcome it seemed an impossible mission. However, on the court, point after point, I was convinced that I could do it. The point is: never give up, expect, trust.

Before the epidemic, We stand united, we respect the rules, we stayed home. While I’m talking, I look out the window and I see a young man running … it would Fall and what abofetearía! [Le diría:] ‘But where are you going? What example are you giving? That is what we need, an example.

I like to think that this day inspired at least one girl in the central court of Flushing Meadows. The message I hope to convey is: victory never comes by chance, to succeed you have to work hard. And with the sacrifice of all, we will defeat the virus”