Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore or Leighton Meester does not celebrate mother’s day for a good reason


Although today there are laws that limit very much the work of the children, planning is almost always a shadow of doubt over the mothers and fathers who insist that their children make career in the world of casting. The film, television, advertising and, in general, the showbusiness in a rather cruel in which the artists are constantly being classified, compared, and judged, a mechanism that does not seem appropriate impose to the toddlers or teens. As a counterpart, it is a very lucrative business if the aspiring artist has talent and a hook, with which the whole family unit can benefit a lot of promote the career of a girl actress. What we have seen in the biographies of many singers early as Selena Gomez, absolutely alien to the celebration of Mother’s Day. In 2014, he released his mother, Mandy Teefey, of your responsibilities as a manager and admitted that a “complicated relationship” with his mother. Since then, theirs is a coming and going of discussions and hang or be set to follow each other on Instagram. Problem: Teefye continues to believe in the social network on the private life of his daughter. The trust between the two is almost broken.

Today, Drew Barrymore has forgiven her mother, Jaid, and keeps econ’dynamically.

Today, Drew Barrymore has forgiven her mother, Jaid, and maintained economically.

Though Selena Gomez and his mother are still united by the business (she has produced some of the visual works of his daughter), the truth is that the bad health of the singer (he suffered a kidney transplant and has revealed that is bipolar) also helps to ensure that those ties do not come to get rid of everything. Something had to be done Drew Barrymore, who was emancipated legally from her mother, Jaid Barrymore, at the age of 14. Their relationship was toxic in the highest degree: he took her to clubs of fashion since very small, so that when you get to the 13 already had drugged and I was an alcoholic. His success was premature and the bad mother’s education ended in a suicide attempt that this wanted to solve internándola in a psychiatric. Drew lived a puberty complicated but, fortunately, he was able to recover from their addictions and childhood experiences, and is now a happy mother who, in addition, has forgiven to his mother and to maintaining economically.

Leighton Meester, the protagonist unforgettable "Gossip Girl".

Leighton Meester, the protagonist memorable “Gossip Girl”.

The case of Leighton Meesterthe unforgettable Blair Waldorf in the series “Gossip Girl”, is also extreme. Both of your parents were in jail for a drug trafficking crime when Constancethe mother of Meester, gave birth. For this reason, the actress lived her first months of life in an orphanage until their parents came out free. Divorced after a short time and she grew up with her mother. Had the luck to succeed, and there became the problems: his mother asked him for money to pay for medical bills of his brother, Alexander, but it was to undergo a surgery aesthetics. Since then, of course, does not speak. And Leighton filed a complaint with the courts to his mother. Difficult to celebrate anything together on Sunday.