Serena Williams extends his vast commercial empire

We all know Serena Williams as one of the best tennis players of all time, but she is so much more than that. He is also an entrepreneur and has recently expanded its business empire. Take a look at what launched in partnership with the long-time coach Patrick Mouratoglou.

Serena Williams launches a web site of tennis

Serena Williams already has his own clothing line, with more investments in 34 new companies. To add to this empire, she and her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, announced that it will launch a new web site called “Tennis Majors” in a statement to Forbes.

Serena and Patrick are investors in this project. Will contribute to the site in their own way, through their experience and network. In addition, the tennis academy, Patrick Mouratoglou, founded in 2016, will be used to film part of the content of the site.

It seems that Serena Williams is going into the business world, which perhaps indicates that you can retire early. This should not surprise anyone. Serena is getting older and has a daughter that wants to spend more time. Then, why is the WTA Tour?

The answer is simple: it wants to become the GOAT of women’s tennis. Currently, Serena Williams has a total of 23 Grand Slams, that is one less than Margaret Court 24. Beat this record will consolidate the state of Serena as the GOAT of women’s tennis without any doubt.

She has been approached on many occasions in the past few years. Reached 4 Grand Slam finals between 2018 and 2019, but, unfortunately, lost them all. And now, their plans to beat the record have been derailed by the pandemic of coronavirus that has been suspended by the WTA Tour.

Serena is probably working harder than ever to beat that record and when the WTA Tour back in July, we can expect that finally makes it possible.