Serena Williams shows his loyalty to Meghan Markle once more by refusing to address the motion of the duchess of Los Angeles


The superstar of tennis, Serena Williams has famous friends around the world, but the friendship most commented has to be the one that you have with Meghan, duchess of Sussex. The professional tennis player, and Meghan, who was a Hollywood actress before marrying prince Harry, have been friends for years.

With the recent transfer of Meghan and Prince Harry to the united States, one might expect that Williams has a lot to say. However, the opposite is true, as it showed a live broadcast recently with supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Who is Serena Williams?

Serena Williams | Mike Smith / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via .

Williams has been at the center of attention since before I was old enough to drive. Now in her thirties, she has an impressive Rolodex that goes by it.

Actors, musicians, fellow athletes and other notable figures are constantly at your side and encourage you in the events of tennis. After all, she might be the most popular tennis player in the world.

The passionate domain of Williams on the game of tennis makes it a lightning rod for attention throughout the world. She is more than an athlete at this point: is an artist, a fashionista, an activist and a brand of trends. Fans of Williams will not only love the way he hits the ball on the clay or grass, but love everything about it.

If you hold a plate so heavy it can seem overwhelming, Williams does not allow this to affect his game. Although he has not won a race in tennis in more than three years, constantly facing competitors half his age and shows them to the winner that is. With 23 Majors under his belt, the 24 always seems to be within reach, even if you have not been able to take advantage of it.

Even in a world where Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer dominate at similar ages, no one has the seriousness on the tennis court Serena Williams. Perhaps, that is why your Rolodex has grown so much. People not only want to encourage her, but be her friend. In the case of Meghan, this friendship dates back to long before she is to marry royalty.

The friendship of Serena Williams and Meghan

Of course, when the largest fan of someone is also royalty English, you are bound to appear at Wimbledon to encourage them. Williams spoke about her friendship with Meghan at Wimbledon last year, and noted how fair has remained to become a household name around the world.

“She might not be a best friend for me. Moments low, high moments, she is always there and that is all that I want to be for her, “ said Williams, reports Elle, when asked about his friendship of a lifetime.

According to Elle, the couple has been a friend since 2010, when they met in the Super Bowl in Miami. Before marriage, high-profile Meghan, the two used to appear in celebrity events, promoting charitable causes, and just hung out. However, the marriage of Meghan didn’t change anything. Only made the friendship to get more attention.

Although their friendship has been covered to a large extent, however, Williams has been quiet in the last few weeks.

Serena Williams and Meghan share a mutual respect

Be british royalty carries with it a certain level of scrutiny. It may have been this level of scrutiny that caused them to Meghan and Prince Harry leave their responsibilities. As such, Williams has chosen not to give more details about the friendship while people talk about the recent move of the royal couple. Recently shot down questions during the Australian Open.

Appearing in the series, the Filter of Campbell, was asked Williams to talk about the recent movement of her friend. With a smile on his face, Williams showed shy and avoided the question.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Williams said cheerfully. “I don’t know anything of that.”

Williams has faced the scrutiny his entire life. If you are not a member of a royal family, her status in the tennis makes it a constant target for the headlines in the tabloids. His silence on his friendship with Meghan probably not due to anything more than respect. A wrong word or a quote out of context could be the main topic for months.

The relationship of the couple seems strong until today. While it is possible not to speak about it, it is clear that Williams and Meghan love each other, and that friendship has carried you through a truly memorable journey.