Shakira and Pique went for a walk with their children in full quarantine


This morning the agency The Grosby Group” reported that the colombian singer Shakira and, Gerard Pique they would have ignored the safety regulations provided by the Spanish government, during the quarantine by the covid-19.

According to The Journal of New York, Shakira and Pique were not respected by the quarantine and hiked with their children Sasha and Milan.

Apparently the four were caught walking the streets with no gloves and no masks.

The agency reported that some of the witnesses of the incident claim that the couple ignored the rules stating that you can only be outdoors for an hour and a kilometer away from his residence.

It is worth mentioning that Shakira it was one of the celebrities who launched an order to the authorities so that they provide an option that would allow the children to be able to enjoy some time away from home, according to the colombian children also need to go pro to keep your physical and mental health in these moments of quarantine.

The measures set against the coronavirus only allowed, in a premium instance, the output of a family in whom is placed the responsibility of purchasing either food or medicine.

The request of the colombian was heavily criticized by the general public, however several celebrities, gave him the reason.

(Azucena Uribe)