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Feel your paper intensely, live, but, modérate as much as possible; so, will realize the truth of your expression, it is a beginning for those who study dramatic arts. With that method it will show the reality of a character, which will exert its attraction for the public of the world to get an Oscar in the movies or a Tony in the theatre.

Paradoxically, the actor or actress is prepared not to act but to contain the emotions and thoughts seeking to decant the micro expressions, the walk, the gestures, the laugh or the cry for the character to appear genuinely incarnate.

It is a difficult skill. Some people are born with that talent, others, should strive; however, both, spend years studying and experimenting how to do it better each time. Feel, contain, dominate, breathe, and relax to express themselves that other layouts of the most authentic way, so that what has to be, either.

As was the acting immortal Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone in the godfather, Francis Ford Copolla. Or, in the same film, the cry infinite of Al Pacino when he is murdered the daughter of Michael Corleone in the stairs of the theatre, to the output of the opera. Or Robert Redford as mr. Gatsby. Most recently, Jennifer Lawrence in the role of a young, attractively neurotic in the film the good side of things, with which he won an Oscar in 2013. An actor is not what it shows but what it contains.

In that sense, faced with the situation of health that has upset the world, where the media have been enthroned even more in the life of the people -by their seclusion in the homes – emitting non-stop figures of hiv infections, deaths, of recovered there is a leader, a lady, who has earned the respect of the world, almost unanimously, political, and villages for their serenity, moderation, self-control, and of the issues relevant with a high capacity of discretion in the circumstances most embarrassing, Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany. But it is not a control cold full of remoteness as the queen of England, Elizabeth II. No. It is a serenity that comes from very inside of your temperament.

In America we are getting used to a style of expression of the leaders to the people characterized by the overflowing of words, of gestures, of tones; a style nothing sensible, with great lack of discretion in time of calm deepens the trauma in people. A style of disregard for the situation of precariousness of the health of the economy, of human relations that is living society. And, so severe is the overflow of character in the leaders as his imperturbability in facing the crisis. There are rulers, addressing disconnected emotionally to the citizens, imprinting them more desolation.

Feel, teaches us the dramatic art, to feel so intense for the actor to link to the other accurately, but with care not to fall into the hysteria or indifference to what is happening, it is also what is calling the people to their leaders.

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