Surprise to Justin Bieber surfing during the quarantine


With the growing expansion of the coronavirus in the world, several countries decided to enact quarantines. But it seems that not everyone can stay isolated for a long time and are able to put at risk the lives of others, as was the case of Justin Bieber.

The singer spends days locked in his house with his family, but could not hold and fled the scene. TMZ published photos of the young man, as surfeaba in the Lake Puslinch.

According to detailed publication, Bieber was at the top of a surfboard electronic bordering the place, being seen by a few people who greeted him without problems.

Justin Biebier broke their quarantine to relax surfing in Canada. Photo: TMZ

The attitude of the singer has generated a variety of reactions on social networks, where they criticize that does not comply with the insulation and around the world. Up to now, has not been referred to the respect.

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