The 5 scandals most remembered of Justin Bieber


The singer has had a number of scandal with the passage of time, we’ll leave you some of the most stunning

The 5 scandals most remembered of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber.

Theo Wargo / Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Justin Bieber it is one of the popular singers of the artistic medium, from which he began his career in his teens has had a great success and their fans have seen it grow and change of looks with the passage of time. But there is also another thing that have been witnesses to his fans and this is their scandals. And if you forgot, here is the most sounded.

1. Leave their pets behind

In the year 2012, the singer gave his hamster “PAC”, then the rodent had become a celebrity on social networks, Bieber gave to a fan. This did not cause a lot of grace on his followers.

2. He lost his Ferrari

It is said that the singer entered in the black list of Ferrari after that lost a vehicle that you have purchased from the Italian firm. The singer took several days to find it.

3. His problems with the law

The singer was arrested in 2013 and accused of vandalism in Colombia, and weeks later he did it again in Brazil and in 2014 in the united States, but this time by drunk driving.

4. His illegitimate son

In the year 2011 a fanatic pointed to him as the father of her child, Mariah Yeater claimed that they had had a meeting during a tour in Los Angeles, and with it the singer had lost virginity with her. He denied everything and the girl withdrew the demand eventually.

5. The comment of Anne Frank

It seems that 2013 was not his year, after he visited the house in Germany where the family of Anne Frank lived during the nazi persecution, the singer said that he hoped that “Anne Frank was a belieber”, thing that did not cause grace to no one.