The clip final: thus he lived Travis Scott your event is Astronomical in Fortnite


In recent years, Fortnite has shown the games industry that the ‘Battle Royal’ is not a simple game. Is title has served as a platform to mount events quite popular to advertise events and movie releases, songs, concerts and much more. The most recent success scored to put inside the game, the presentation of Travis Scott, a concert that marked a milestone in the field of battle.

The american artist has teamed up with Epic Games to mount a real show within the game where he sang his best subject, and then introduced their new single, ‘The Scott’s’. The music came accompanied by a spectacular montage within the map that broke all the possible colors, set on fire everything and even the spectators were flying to the universe to enjoy with the presentation of Travis Scott inside the skin of ‘AstroJack’.

All the players lived the concert from a different angle and with different perspectives. In the end, Travis Scott ended up posting the video final of their event and how they are developing their concert in Fortnite. The recording already has over 12 million views on the social network. He showed very proud and happy with the final result of the bet virtual did next to Epic Games.

And collected Travis Scott on his YouTube channel the concert of Astronomical in Fortnite:

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