The controversial (and successful) love story of Beyonce and Jay-Z


What happened after? Wine a wedding super intimate and secret in 2008, the only was attended by 40 guests, as George Clooney or Chris Martin, in your apartment New York. And four years later, the birth of their first child, a daughter Blue Ivy, in a moment in which in addition to Beyoncé released her fifth album, of namesake, with a message of **female empowerment and sexuality.

Jay-Z explains why he is not a friend of Kanye West

But a failed business in 2015, the streaming platform Tidal of which both were joint owners, was the prelude of the infidelity on the part of Jay-Z , who ended up confessing to it just a year ago in an interview very personal to The New York Times. There said that the music served as therapy to bothto be able to overcome the most difficult time in their personal lives.

The result was the disk Lemonade for Beyoncé and 4:44 for Jay-Z. In the first, the singer talks without censorship of the betrayal and to the lover of her husband. While in your case, Jay-Z asks for forgiveness for the infidelity. And, although the work was seen without pain or glory, it is more symbolic, to the degree that it uses the number 4 as a name, because they were born that date and they were married the April 4.