The details of the recent romantic getaway Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas at Los Cabos


In the midst of the increasing media attention on pregnancy and the current epidemic of coronavirus, Sophie Turner, and Joe Jonas travelled to Los Cabos.

The next mom Sophie Turner and her husband Joe Jonas are moving away from it all for a while.

In the midst of the growing attention of the media and the epidemic of coronavirus in course, the couple recently traveled to Los Cabos (Mexico) in search of relaxation.

“You are staying with a group of friends. Spent a fun weekend relaxing and hanging out at a beach club,” said a source to E! News. “On Saturday, the guys played golf and the girls spent the time next to the pool. Sophie remained covered with a towel around his waist for the better part of the day… went Down to the beach and also stayed in the grass where they played Jenga…”.

More details in the video above.

The trip comes one month after E! News confirmed that Turner, of 24 years, expected her first child with Joe Jonas in 30 years.

So far, none has commented on the pregnancy, it is not known the date of birth and the sex of their child.

However, earlier this month, the couple was spotted buying children’s items in a shop of babies, in the Los Angeles area.