The evidence that Selena Gomez was kidnapped and is not the same

A few months ago, the theory that Selena Gomez had been kidnapped by her friends and a religious sect and had been replaced by someone more came to light and although that’s not what we thought, now many are keen to do to see that is real. So Czech these tests that have been taken out, to demonstrate that Sel is not the same girl that we met from the start of his career, literally.

And well, you’ll be able to say, obvious as it is not the same because as he grew up, he changed his look and what you want, but in reality, these tests that have taken several of her Selenators of this conspiracy theory are really to be believed because they are things that could explain it ALL.

Everything is weird with Selena and is that after they returned, they began to notice that something strange happened with her and her friends because it started to give a lot of power in your career and in your life because in an interview he commented that Ashley, was in charge of approving all of the songs from their album, a thing that bothered the fans because she has no experience in that, as well as with your Instagram, then came to comment that she didn’t have the app is installed on your cell phone, so people who take control of their social network are their friends.

There was a time also where Selena Gomez tried to make a live the day of your birthday, your friends, those who live with it, and at the expense of Selena, they were very intense and angry for doing so, which he did that makes you think that your friends are very well controlled.

But there are also the physical evidence, because their teeth are now looking pretty perfect, when before it looked a little crooked and a mole in his book that before was not, but you say, that you can fix it and could have done at the time that was missing, however, at that time said that he had been hospitalized for another mental problem, and when you have a disease the least that you are interested in is to fix the teeth. Check out this video in which you tell everything what is going on with Selena and make your own conclusions.

So there are several tests that could reveal Whether it was supplanted by someone else, and in truth it is disturbing. Do you think that something strange is going on and Selena has been kidnapped?