The history of the engagement ring that Ben Affleck gave to Jennifer Lopez and that involves another Hollywood star


Jennifer Lopez can be considered one of the more attractive women, eye-catching and successful the entertainment world. Not for nothing throughout its history, the girl from the Bronx had their feet so many men with the intention of formalizing.

In fact, and taking into account that one of their hit songs is called “The Ring”, in whose letter he begs his partner to finally give that piece of commitment, the female Latin singer has been one of the women who most rings received from their partners.

The cuban actor Ojani Noa it was the first that passed by the altar with “the diva of the Bronx” in 1997. Later came the turn of the choreographer and dancer Cris Judd, who was married to JLo but it barely lasted two years.

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With whom it can be said that the star which shone at the beginning of the year show in the half time of the Super Bowl had the luck was with Marc Anthony. After the ring and the fruit of love with the successful artist came two beautiful children.

And, of course, today is JLo with his current fiance, Alex Rodriguez.

However, among the many twists and turns, boyfriends, and relationships are fleeting, few remember that Lopez was very light to marry Ben Affleck, with whom he shared 17-month relationship back in 2002.

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And following the line of the story, the actor, and now also producer and director he knew how to give in your time a ring with a diamond pink color valued at more than $ 2 million.

Just Jennifer Lopez revealed in an interview with Apple Music a story that had as its main protagonist, by case, to this luxurious ring. But not only this precious gem, but also a Hollywood star: Barbra Streisand.

Barbra Streisand, the star that was captivated with the ring.

Barbra Streisand, the star that was captivated with the ring.

“I met her at a party of the academy Awards several years ago, when she was engaged to Ben Affleck. It turns out that it is a woman who land obsessed with diamonds, thing that I didn’t know,” said JLo.

Lopez is sincere to tell you that the gift of your ex captivated Streisand. “She’d given Me one pink that was very media. One I interpreted wrong, I loved that I give it,” he said trying to justify that until it was extravagant for her.

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And continued with the story around of the equivalent of 2 million. “Nothing more than to see me, Barbra came up because I had heard of it and the first thing they told me is that if I could see the ring I had been given,” recalled JLo.

And continued: “I taught myself and then started asking me how to wore it to be famousa thing that seemed to me of the more strange coming from someone like her, one of the women most famous in the world“said the new yorker, understanding the power that represents to some people a ring on the finger.